Embroidery design, Summer Sunset

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Summer Sunset embroidery design
A wonderful digital machine embroidery file for unique creations by you.

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The Summer Sunset embroidery is a high quality digital file for embroidery machines.
Instant download!
With your purchase you will receive a single zip file that will include all available sizes and formats also a pdf file with the sequence of colors.
The design is available in the following file types

This product comes in the following sizes:

2.48×2.79 ” (63.0×70.9 mm), Stitches: 20/6/2022 10428
3.19×3.57 ” (80.9×90.8 mm), Stitches: 20/6/2022 14427,
3.89×4.35 ” (98.8×110.6 mm), Stitches: 20/6/2022 19208
4.59×5.14 ” (116.7×130.5 mm), Stitches: 20/6/2022 24607
5.30×5.93 ” (134.6×150.7 mm), Stitches: 20/6/2022 31353
6.01×6.72 ” (152.6×170.6 mm), Stitches: 20/6/2022 39392

This design will turn your favorite clothes into unique ones.
We always suggest you try the design on a piece of fabric before embroidering on the final material
These are digital files for machine embroidery. NOT a finished product.
You MUST have an embroidery machine and the software to use this file.


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